Saturday, May 10, 2008

Once again...NEW DESIGNS!

Oh...I just can't stand it! Customers keep requesting specific types of designs for custom orders (which I DO love to do!) and so I end up looking at the available designs out there. I always end up finding either great deals on the embroidery design programs or just WAY too cute of designs that I can't resist. This time, it was both!

I just purchased a license for 11 new design sets! Because I can't show them all here in this post I'm just going to leave it to you to scroll down the page until you see my design images. All of my newest sets are located towards the top of the design image area.

Here is one set that I really am excited for! Just think how cute one of these designs would look on our beach towels! Remember that you can now order at our online website! Here's the link!

Here is another really cute applique set that I just got to try out on a blanket for a neighbors birthday. It turned out SO cute! I'll get pictures posted just as soon as I can.

Designed by: Katie My little Monsters