Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Last call for Photo Contest!

Hurry, hurry!
It's last call for the Photo contest!
This contest closes at midnight on the last day of April and a contest winner will be randomly selected on May 1st!
The contest is easy to enter! Simply email me a photo of you or your little one using my item! Here are some GREAT entries that I have already received. This has been such a fun contest for me...thank you to all who have already participated! Aren't there some BEAUTIFUL pictures? And yes, I've already put several to good use in my shops. Thanks a bunch!
**These are not ALL of the photos, but most. I'll get the rest on another day.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Another fun Blog Featuer/Review on Stitcheroos

Another fun and great review on Stitcheroos can be spotted at "Jamie's Precious Peas"
...a really great blog with lots of reviews and giveaways. Silly me should have remembered that Jamie was running this towards the first of April so that you all could have entered her contest...sorry! I'll try to be more on top of reviews and giveaways from other blogs in the future.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April Contest Time!- Autism Awareness GIVEAWAY!!!

Ok...I've been slacking and never even announced the winner for March's contest. But rest assured that the winner was emailed. I would announce it right now but I can't remember it off the top of my head and I'm not on the right computer to look it up...just trust me.
Aprils giveaway is a fun and EASY one! It's all about Autism awareness. If you read my family blog you will know that I have a fantastic Sister that is the mom to twins that have Autism. We are doing a "Walk Now" for Autism on May 2nd to help raise money for this great foundation. If you want to read more about this from my blog please feel free...just click here.

Ok...so the CONTEST. First off...the winner will get not one, but TWO free items!
One will be a basic cinch bag and one will be a Premium Cinch bag...both are super nice. You get to pick the colors of both. You pick which one has the Autism Awareness logo on it and on the other you get to pick a design of your choice! (You can see all of my designs by clicking on the design button at the top of this blog. )
These bags are great for kids and adults alike. I have used them with my Young Womens youth group as well as my own kids for beach bags, piano music bags, dance bags, etc...very multi purpose!

The rules for this contest are SIMPLE, SIMPLE, SIMPLE...
1.) Please leave me a comment about how Autism has touched your life. Think!!! Most of you know somebody that has Autism.
And if not then simply google "Autism" and tell me one fact that you have learned about Autism.
That's it! I would of course love a shout out on your blog if you would like, but not necessary for this contest..although if you do and leave me a comment that you have blogged about my company I will enter an extra entry for you! And of course if any of you should so feel inspired to donate please donate to my sisters team here...this would give you 5 additional entries! ..and the money goes to the Autism foundation...not to my sister. Sorry...but I guess money kind of does "talk" here...but it's for a GREAT cause! The more funding we can raise the more research can be done to find out causes and cures for Autism, as well as important rescources for family and children affected by Autism. Seriously...families dealing with Autism need major resources for help and education and additional help resources for themselves and children so please help if you can!

If you have any questions let me know...otherwise get busy and have fun with this contest! I PROMISE I will announce the winner promptly on May 2nd.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Doodle Kidz

Yeah! I had another chance to create a Doodle Kidz shirt. This set was for a little guys birthday...he created his own birthday shirt, fun huh? My Doodle Kidz products seem to be few and far in between but I think they are SO cute!...plus super unique. I know my kiddos adore this idea and are always begging me to make new shirts. Just in case you are interested here are the steps to creating a Doodle Kidz design.
Step 1: Have your child draw a picture with sharpie markers. (YIKES...I know...but they work the BEST!) Black works best but I can do colored sharpies as well. (crayons leave too many color variations with the childs pressure strokes).

Step 2: Draw me up a little map, telling me what parts of the picture should be a specified color.

Step 3: Scan and email me the picture and map...or just bring it over. :)

Step 4: Pick a product to add the design to...now comes the FUN part!

Step 5: I digitize the design..meaning I create it into an embroidery design.

Step 6: I embroider the design onto the product you picked. I can do shirts, bags, totes, cinch bags, blankets, towels, and even teddy bears! Quilt squares would be a GREAT gift to a teacher or grandparent!

I just have to say that I think this is a FABULOUS way to make one of your childs drawings a heirloom! And let me tell you...when your child wears a shirt with THEIR drawing on it they are so happy with themselves!

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions regarding Doodle Kidz.
Designed by: Katie My little Monsters