Friday, August 27, 2010

Back to school…

WHEW…the kids are back in school.  AND for the first year ever I actually made my own kids some back to school clothes.  I know…pretty impressive-NOT-.  Believe it or not my kiddos don’t get a lot of personal embroidered items because I just don’t end up with the time.  This year I got up EARLY on the first day of school to make it work…I’m pretty proud of myself. :)

first day of school

I stayed up SUPER late the other night catching up on mockups.  Look at all that I got done!  I think this goldfish design is my FAVORITE…it turned out super cute, but yet again, I failed to get a picture of the completed product in my haste to get it shipped.  I’m hoping the nice mommy sends me pictures. :)

 emma goldfish mockup 1army one hero 2beach monkey blakely mockup 1 boot camp mockup 3 my dadbunny 2 mockup cancer 3 circus 1 couriana doterra ella elephant mockup  fall mockup 1  horse1 hottie mikhealea monkeys 2  only child pooh mockup 1 pooh mockup 2 princesses sicily 2 team holly 7 train mockup 1 train mockup 2 uncle phil mockup 4 wonka

I LOVE custom orders, but at times it can get completely overwhelming staying caught up with mockups, orders, emails, running the machines, ordering supplies, household duties, mom duties, packaging, shipping and the list goes on.  So please be patient with me…while I love creating new designs there are times when I’m not as fast as usual with getting mockups to customers.  BUT I do still love them so much! 

I’ve also been working on more A line dresses..this was a fun custom dress and capri set. I think it turned out pretty darn cute!  caterpillar-set

Stitcheroos also has some BIG news coming up…but you will have to wait just a bit for the surprise :)

And one last note- our photo contest is nearly over so hurry and submit your photos! I have gotten so many great ones that it’s been REALLY hard to choose.  After this one is over I’ll be announcing another contest so keep checking back. :)

Well…I better get back to work!  See ya soon.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Professional Photography shoot

Cute stuff huh?  Jenna and Josh Gubler did our pictures and they are amazing..I’ll definitely be using them again in the near future!  Now my only problem is keeping naughty crafters from stealing my pictures for their own use! :)  PLEASE don’t use these pictures for your own use.  They are copyrighted.  If you have a valid “need” for any of these, please email me. :)

JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-001-Square JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-003-SquareJGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-004-SquareJGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-004-DetailJGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-002-Square    JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-004-Tight JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-006-Square JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-007-Square JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-007-Square-Detail JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-013-ShirtJGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-008-SquareJGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-010-Square JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-011-SquareJGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-013-SquareJGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-009  JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-011-Detail    JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-014-Square JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-015-Square


JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-019-Square JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-019-Square-Skirt JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-020-Square JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-021-Square JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-022-Square JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-023-Square JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-024-Shirt JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-024-Shirt-Detail JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-024-Square JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-024-Square-Skirt JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-025-Square JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-026-Square JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-027-Square JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-028-Square JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-029-Shirt JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-029-Square JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-030-Shirt JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-030-Square JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-030-Square-Skirt JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-031-Bloomer JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-031-Square JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-033-Square JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-035-Detail JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-035-Square JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-036-Square JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-037-Square  JGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-038-SquareJGublersPhotography-20100805-Stitcheroos-038-Pants

Now I just need to them listed on my website!  Also…the photo contest is still going strong!  Some have been posting them on my facebook, which is fine..check them out, they are super cute!

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