Saturday, January 30, 2010

And life goes on...

Wow it seems like things just don't slow down! I actually do a lot better in staying organized when I'm busy, but it's getting a bit overwhelming! This past week we have had wrestling tournaments, science fair projects to work on, scouts, 4H, Theater and of course WORK and homework. Somehow I've got to find a way to make it all work. :)

So if you ever come to my blog and don't see a new post check out my facebook Stitcheroos page. It's so much easier to upload photos there and so much quicker to keep you all updated!

In the's what I've been up to...And I bet you'll never guess what it is! You got it! MORE birthday designs! I love that this has become my "specialty" as I really do love creating lasting birthday keepsakes.
AND I'm sure you thought I forgot about those boy designs I promised last week! I didn' they are. Just not near as fun as the girl stuff. :)

And an off topic side note to all of you out there that take better photographs then I do. Any suggestions for a gal that works out of a basement room with VERY poor lighting? I've GOT to get my lighting situation fixed for pictures without spending a lot/any money. Suggestions are appreciated!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Hi everybody! I have been BUSY BUSY BUSY, which is such a good thing! I was really worried that January would die right off with orders but I'm busier then ever. That means I get to keep working full time at Stitcheroos. That's a good deal for everybody because it means I will still have time to create new designs. I've been coming up with lots of fun new stuff lately. Here's just a bit. You can find it all at my Etsy shop. I'm currently working at updating my website. As always, if you ever want something custom for yourself, just holler...that's how these came about!

And for all of your with boys out there! I have been busy on these as well! I'll post pictures hopefully this coming week once I get them done and pictures taken.

p.s. Who out there wants more Stitcheroo give away contests? Any suggestions?
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