Monday, October 6, 2008

New Products!

It has been AWHILE since I posted! This summer definately got away from me and I can't believe that it is already October. We have been SUPER busy coming up with new products, more designs and new gift packs. Please check out our ordering website to see these fun new items...great for gift giving! Here are a few sneak peaks at what we have been doing.Here is one of our cute new gift sets. A onesie, blanket and diaper cover/bloomer..all embroidered with your choice of design and/or name. Super cute gift!
And for the boys we have great boy gift packs! This one comes with a blanket, onesie and boys boxer/diaper cover for the little man. Again, a great gift!
Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and check out all of our new designs...we now have HUNDREDS! And we are always happy to create or acquire more if you don't see just what you are looking for.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Craft Fair this Weekend! Come visit us!!!

Hi everybody! Just a short note to let you all know that we have been busily preparing for another craft fair. It is in connection with Springville Art City Days in Springville Utah. It starts Friday June 13 and runs through Sat. June 14th at 10pm.

I have LOTS of new squeaky shoes in stock, plus we will have our embroidery machine with us so we can customize gifts and fun products while you wait. Come take a peek at what we have! Mention that you saw this post on my blog and I will give you an additional 10% off any purchase in our booth.

Thanks! Hope to see you there.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Once again...NEW DESIGNS!

Oh...I just can't stand it! Customers keep requesting specific types of designs for custom orders (which I DO love to do!) and so I end up looking at the available designs out there. I always end up finding either great deals on the embroidery design programs or just WAY too cute of designs that I can't resist. This time, it was both!

I just purchased a license for 11 new design sets! Because I can't show them all here in this post I'm just going to leave it to you to scroll down the page until you see my design images. All of my newest sets are located towards the top of the design image area.

Here is one set that I really am excited for! Just think how cute one of these designs would look on our beach towels! Remember that you can now order at our online website! Here's the link!

Here is another really cute applique set that I just got to try out on a blanket for a neighbors birthday. It turned out SO cute! I'll get pictures posted just as soon as I can.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Applique Designs

Here are some new fun applique designs that we now have available for our use. These are SUPER cute on burp clothes, baby blankets, bags, shirts and anything else you can think of! Because they are appliques you get to choose the material and thread color to REALLY customize this product to your likings.

Craft Fair Preperations

Boy this week has been BUSY! For that matter, so has the entire last month!

We are SO excited! We are doing a craft fair this Saturday and this will be the first time that we are going to a craft fair where we will be able to take along our new embroidery machine. We will be able to embroider names and other text onto our premade items as people wait. We are really excited about this and hopeful that having the machine with the capabilities to finish products right there will encourage people to buy our fun items!

In addition to that we have come up with SEVERAL new items and I have had a hard time keeping up with our orders, websites PLUS adding new items. But the orders continue to go out within days and I'm plugging away at getting more items added.

Here are a few of the new burp clothes that we are creating...VERY FUN baby shower gift!

These cute and fun appliques are all done on burp clothes but would be fun on just about anything! We will add the names/personalization at the craft fair...It should be fun!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Idea- What do you think?

Since I have had my new embroidery machine I have LOVED playing with it and trying new things..especially now that I have a program where I can digitize! Digitizing is creating a embroidery design from a picture. A few nights ago I was up in the middle of the night dealing with my 3 year old and afterwards I never could fall back asleep. I thought of this idea and I need your input on if you think it was a late night throw away idea...or a "keeper".

Here's my idea. Kira (my 5 year old) LOVES to draw. So I started thinking about digitizing her drawings and placing them on a t-shirt. I had her draw a picture just using a black sharpie (this way I don't have too many color variations) and then I put it into my computer software. Once it was in the computer we "colored" it. This is what we created.

The picture on the left is her drawing, the middle picture is an up close of the finished t-shirt and the last picture is the proud owner of her very own shirt! She LOVED it! She wore it for 2 days and then I had to physically "remove" it from her body so that it could be washed.

I'm thinking of selling these shirts for $15. You would just need to send me a scanned image of one of your childs drawings (done in black marker) and I would digitize it and place it on a t-shirt. I think I'm going to try this out at the craft fair in a few weeks...what does everybody think? Good idea or no? Do you think anybody besides me and my 5 year old will think that this is a great idea? I think it is a FUN way to save some art work, plus create some real ownership of an item for your child. Give me your feedback! Thanks!

Here are a few new CUTIES

Here are a few new cuties. I'm trying lots of new techniques and creating more appliques now that I have my own machine. I'm having tons of fun trying out new if you can think of something that you don't see on my sites contact me and I'll find it for you and then I'll have a ball creating it for you!

We are continuing to create LOTS of tutus, but we are also doing a lot of baptism towels and golf towels!

Busy as a BEE!

Life has remained VERY busy here! We have had an increase in orders and I really think this is in part due to finally getting our very own machine! YEAH! We have commercial machines available to us which we love and appreciate, but last month we were finally able to purchase our own commercial single head machine! I have been able to get out orders within a few days, and sometimes the very SAME DAY! I think our quicker turn around time has really helped.

In addition to our new machine we have been busy getting ready for the "Busy Bee" craft fair at a local University on April 26th. Here are a few new goodies we have started selling, especially for the craft fair.

What you see here are Pixie wings, butterfly wands, crowns and Halo streamers. These items are so fun and I hope to be listing them on my website soon...but if you want them before I get them online just let me know and we will make arrangements. :)

Friday, February 29, 2008

New ONLINE Ordering Option!

Yeah! I'm so excited! We have had an online store for awhile now, but I haven't ever been proud of it enough to point people to it. I have recently changed servers, hosts, etc. and it is looking great!

You can now order- safely, securely and EASILY at my online store! I am still working on adding products so if you see something here on the blog that you want and you can't find it on the website just drop me and email and I'll add it right away. I'm adding things daily so check it often!

Here's the link...go check it out! :) Personality Plus Boutique

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Announcing our NEW Spring and Easter Tutu and Matching Onesie sets! $30

These custom made Tutu's and Onesie sets would be the absolute perfect outfit for any little girl to wear during this year's Easter Egg hunt. If the weater turns out to be chilly just put them in tights and a matching long sleeve shirt under the onesie and it would still be an adorable outfit!

All of our tutu's are made out of yards and yards of soft, shimmering tulle and can have up to 3 colors in them. We top them off with a boutique style hair bow that can later be taken off and worn by your little princess. The Tutu's are great for pictures, holidays, dressups and room decorations!
The onesie is a gerber tagless onesie and we can of course add any one of our images (you can find these towards the bottom of each and every page!) along with your childs name or any other saying such as "Easter Chick" or "My first Easter".

To order a tutu and onesie set just email me the particulars and I will either send you a paypal invoice or you can send me a check.

NEW Baptism Towel design!

Here is our new Baptism Towel design. This is what has been so popular in the past week and has kept me hopping. :)

The pictures are a little hard to see but there is the full name in script embroidered in light pink across the big block letters of the first name. (click on the picture to see a bigger, clearer view.) We feel that this change in baptism towels add's a little "umph" to the towel and makes it even a more special and unique gift. Each towel comes with your choice of one of our baptism poems, printed on a quality cardstock, making it perfect memorabilia for a scrapbooking page. (see our other baptism towel listing for the poem choices.)

Remember that you can order this towel by simply emailing me your details and either sending me a check or asking for a paypal invoice. It's simple and I can get the order out within a few days. The total for this baptism towel and poem is $17, plus our regular $5 shipping.

A Busy week brings about New Design sets!

This week has been a very busy one! We have had a lot of orders for tutu and onesie sets as well as baptism towels. These make such great gifts!

At the request of a new customer I have acquired a few new design sets, I was able to find her EXACTLY what she was looking for. Check back in the next week or so and I should have pictures of the finished products using these design sets. So cute!
Here we have an applique cupcake design set that I have acquired for a custom made tutu and onesie set. It is for a little girls first birthday and the birthday party theme is "cupcakes". We plan on putting a cupcake on the onesie with her name embroidered above it and Birthday girl embroidered below. The tutu will have cupcake ribbon incorporated into it and I'm sure it is going to turn out just darling!

These are appliques. Wouldn't these be so cute with the name embroidered

over the top of the initial applique?

Here are some REALLY cute little girl sets. We have ballerinas and Princesses. These images are aprox. 2 x 4 inches and would look fantastic on tshirts, bags, blankets and just about anything else you could think of! Remember, we can customize hair colors, clothing, etc.

And last, but certainly not least, is our set of borders. I got these with the idea of using the single lines underneath names on baptism towels. This will give the boys more options of what to have on their towel.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A few "cuties" from this past weeks orders

Here are a few pictures of my last few orders. They all turned out so cute that I just had to post them here so that everybody can get more ideas on what they can do with their custom order products.

REMEMBER! If you have any questions please feel free to email me.
Click on pictures to enlarge

Here are some birthday tutu's that turned out SO cute and show all the different options we can do when making custom orders. We can make the tops using Gerber tagless onesies, longsleeve shirts, t-shirts or Boutique style puff sleeve shirts. And of course the tutu's can come in any number of color combinations and lengths!


I am now using boutique hair bows on the tutu waists so that you can use them in your little girls hair after the party is over. The tutu's will continue to get use as either bedroom decorations or great dressup fun! I am also more then happy to make matching hair clippies. Email me for questions on custom orders.

We are also creating a few more LDS baptism products that I will have pictures of to post and share within this next week. I'm very excited with the new look of our baptism towels, as well as the new CTR baptism bracelets that I have created.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

NEW product! SQUEAKY SHOES $12.95

We have just gotten in stock our first order of Squeaky shoes. These are SO much fun! They squeak when your toddler walks plus they come in a lot of really cute styles, making them both fun and functional. They also have several added bonuses. They help stimulate and motivate the prewalker and beginning walker. As soon as your little one figures out that they are the ones making that fun noise they will be up and walking all over the place! These shoes offer the safety feature of being able to hear your child at all times. The squeak is not very loud, but you can definately hear your child coming...or going, as the case is most often. These shoes also encourage the child to walk correctly since they will only squeak when walking heel to toe. And don't worry! If the squeaking sound becomes too much for you simply place a small piece of tape over the squeaker to temporarily disable it.

I bought a pair of these for my baby and gave then to her at Christmas. She was 17 months old when she got them and she just LOVES them! She even gets mad when we take them off. Seeing how much she loves them made me think that your little tykes would probably love them just as much. So I decided to take a leap and buy a supply of squeaky shoes to put in our booth at the Provo Quilted Bear.

If you are interested in getting a pair for some lucky little person you can check my booth at Quilted Bear or you can email me. Just let me know what style and size...they run a little small so if you are questioning the size make sure to order one size up. I will be making another order in the near future so if I don't have your size in stock now I'll let you know and we can go from there.

To keep the pricing simple each pair of shoes will be $12.95, plus $3 shipping...this is $2 less then my regular shipping!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Girls Boutique necklaces-$12

Here are some great new boutique necklaces that I have been making for young girls. They are SUPER cute, lightweight and really fun for them to wear. Each is made out of polymer clay novelty beads, that have been reinforced for durability (but they will break if chewed on, stepped on, etc.). Grade A Cat's eye beads, swarovski crystals, silver spacers and a silver clasp. Each one is a one of a kind, so if you are interested in purchasing one you will need to email me and let me know what type of necklace and what color.
Designed by: Katie My little Monsters