Wednesday, October 21, 2009

THE red wedding trane

FINALLY! I have pictures downloaded of the embroidery I did on the wedding trane. Sorry the pictures are so small! I'm not sure why I saved it that small and I don't have time to fix it do you best to see...sorry!
This was a red trane that snapped on the back of a cream color gown...kind of fun! I had to "match" the embroidery work off of another trane so there were a LOT of hours spent creating the design, laying it out to make sure it work, etc. I'm talking around 5 hours here! Then on to the embroidery. I was able to do it on my new machine- which is amazing and that only took another 6-7 hours...that's all...just 12 hours to do this amazing trane. it took a LONG time but it turned out beautiful! They did a lot of bead work on it after the embroidery was done so I'm hoping to get some pictures of it on the beautiful bride as I would love to see what the finished product looks like. And don't you just LOVE that big beautiful machine! That is my new baby and I just about cried yesterday when I thought I had broken it...but it survived and so did I. I'm getting lots of new orders done on it and it runs SO smooth!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Yikes! This weekend was a little bonkers! I had my two step daughters here with me and for some reason they WANTED to help do up tutus...must be because I let them pick the colors for a few. We matched a bunch to my new BabyLegs that I just got in! These are going to be the cutest combos ever...but you will have to stay tuned until next week after our big photo shoot to see them. After that time I will start carrying BabyLegs on my website and possibly sell them as tutu/BabyLeg combo sets on Etsy. Can you count how many tutu's I have hanging up? Don't get sidetracked...I'll give you a hint- there is MORE then one that is the ever popular pink/pink combo. Thanks also to my ever helpful Mercedes that also did up 7 tutus! Way to have a productive weekend girls!

Last week my embroidery machine decided to give me has a bent needle, meaning that I now only have 5 needles to work with. Kind of a pain on any design that has more then 5 colors. BUT I'm not too sad...I haven't even called the repair man yet to get it on the 4 week waiting list...and why you might ask? Because I got APPROVED last week for a new machine! And not just a "new to me" machine, but a BRAND SPANKIN' new machine! It is so crazy but the down payment ended up being MORE on the used machine then the new machine? Kind of crazy. Thanks to some "miracles" I was able to come up with the downpayment and I should be getting my new machine this week-maybe even tomorrow! I'm SO excited!

So before I started having too many problems last week I worked up a few more fun orders that I thought I would share. My first one was a new baptism towel design. Do you like the CTR with the flames? I LOVE it. :) I know...I might be a little biased, but still...come on! Flames and CTR? Too fun. The other fun set was another Minnie Mouse set for a set of 3 girls that are lucky enough to be heading to Disneyland. I love working up these sets because I always picture me doing this for my own kiddos sometime soon...ok...probably NEXT christmas, but I'm planning now.
I've also been working like mad to finish the organzing in my studio- so I'll get pictures up of that soon. I tell you- this past week I got more orders out then ever before and felt SO productive! I'm sure it's because this room is so stinkin' organized and nice to work in! Thanks Kasa and Heather for helping it happen! It wouldn't have happened without you both since my organization skills are zip. Well..I've got to go wake kiddos and get them up for the process begins. Later!
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