Monday, May 24, 2010

Aren’t these cute!?!

     I had the chance to do up a few more new sets this past week and I even took the time to have a friend take some great pictures for me.  I think they turned out just super cute!  You should have seen her little cutie when we put the tutu on her.  She just kept swishing her bottom back and forth to make the tutu swish around her knees.  Such fun to watch, and she was SO patient!  Thanks so much Alicia…you did a fabulous job!

pic3edit1 pic4edit1  pic7edit1pic11edit1 pic13edit1 pic8edit1 

And here are a few more cuties …old design but new color combo.

pic16edit1 pic17edit1 pic22edit1

New Little Chick design.pic23edit1

     Thanks Stephanie for letting me borrow cute little Paisley!  I’ve had this farm yard birthday design for awhile, but now I finally have cute pictures of it…same with the Elephant on Parade.

pic25edit1 pic27edit1 pic28edit1

pic36edit1 pic38edit1 pic40edit1

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

As promised….Here they are!

Ok…I spent a ton of time last night editing all of my current pictures and now I’m just spending a ton of time trying to add them all to my website and Etsy store.  I thought I would include a bunch here just in case I run out of time listing them I’m sure I will! 

strawberry shortcake onesie black and red sweet ladybug buggy birthday carnival circle patch ladybug cupcake mod monkey twins monsters rainbow butterfly onesie strawberry

And here are some new customer cuties!

red chick 2red chick


alex jana bloomer jana bloomer 2 sweet ladybug twin bloomers

Ok..well, I’m going to try and get more listed in the next 15 minutes and then it’s off for some fun kid time.  I hope you all have a great weekend!

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fathers’s coming up!

Just in case you have been in a cave for a bit…I know I have…Fathers day is coming! NOW is the time to order your personalized Fathers Day gift!  I have great BBQ aprons, personalized golf towels, beach towels, hats and more!  Let me know if you have a custom request.  Come on…this year make it more personalized then a tie!golf towel apron full

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Long time no See!

Sorry for the lack in posting.  I FINALLY got a new computer and it took me this long to add Windows Live Writer to it!  I LOVE that program and wouldn’t think of doing anything with my blog without it. 

SOOOOO….what do you think of the new blog layout?  Check out my Etsy and my Stitcheroos website as well.  Super cute huh?  Katie over at My Little Monsters created it all…plus she did business cards and everything else I needed to match!  I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing she is!  I contacted her at the end of last week…mostly on a whim, just wanting to see how much she would charge.  Within 2 hours my website had it’s makeover!  Not only is she SUPER affordable (you know me…not going to happen unless it’s affordable) but she is SUPER quick!  I have never worked with anybody before that is that fast and takes my ideas and runs with them so well!  So go check her out.  She has lots of great packages for blogs, websites, business cards, hang tags and anything else you might ever need for a small business or home blog.

Now maybe with my new “look” I’ll feel more inspired to blog more often.  I’ll give it a go. :)  Things here have remained crazy busy.  My boys soccer is done TODAY! Yeah!  And my oldest gal’s Volleyball will be done this Thursday.  So that will take a bit off of my schedule. 

I’ve had SO many custom requests lately that it’s been crazy keeping up with all of them.  But I just LOVE seeing all the new birthday trends that come through.  Right now it seems like circus, zoo, carnival variations are starting to pick up, plus lots more new boy designs!  Here are a few…most just the mockups because I still haven’t had time to edit the pictures of the final product.  I’ll post those when I finally get them up.

Here are a few of the girlio designs…remember- if you don’t see them in my shop yet but you want one of these just give me a yell!

aniston mockup 3 ariel echo mockup 1 carnival mockup charlotte mockup 1 duck mockup 1 emma mockup 1 jenna mockup 1 maddie madison mockup 2 maggie payton mockup 2 sophie mockup 2

And the boy designs…see…I’m TRYING to stay even with the girls!

bubble birthday dre mockup 1 henry logan mockup2 micah mockup 3 monster 1 noah mockup 2 nolan mockup 2 sean mockup 1 tate

Ok…I’m off to create a few more custom designs…I LOVE my work!  I just wish there were more hours in the day. ;)

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Designed by: Katie My little Monsters