Thursday, July 29, 2010

Contest Update

Yeah! The Stitcheroos Photo contest is being extended until the end of August! That gives everybody a little bit longer on getting in those photos! I had many requests to extend the contest and I always try to make my customers happy…so extended it is. Last day of August it ends so hurry hurry! Here are some cuties that have already been sent in. Cute huh? I am going to have SUCH a hard time picking my favorites for use on my website listings! AHHH!

37474_1329080592019_1381100295_30788049_1111118_n 39203_1328965469141_1381100295_30787727_7344094_n Ahnor 1 1Ahnor 1 6 Ellie's bloomer picture2 SL740068

85_IMG_9549 89_IMG_9553 Aimee Burton 1 Aimee Burton 3 Aimee Burton 4 Aimee Burton 5 Aimee Burton 7 Aimee Burton 8 Bryleigh BDay Bloomers DSC_0283 DSC_0286 DSC01158 DSC01238 get_co3nvo_image.php get_convo_im3age.php34get_convo_23image.php get_convo_344image.php IMG_4422 lanie lanie2 lanie3 liam 2 liam liam3 Picture 364 Picture 375 Raelyns 12 month pics 001 Raelyns 12 month pics 007 Teagan1year_162

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

And yet another Stitcheroos Development

Hi everybody!  As you can see I’ve been busy busy busy trying to find more GREAT products for Stitcheroos to offer.  In the next week or so we will begin to offer these adorable A line dresses and Jon Jons.  They can be monogrammed with initials or you can have any of our birthday designs placed on them.  What a cute option for the birthday boy or girl!  I will have them in gingham, solid and corduroy.  The boys will come in shortalls or longalls.  I’m working on getting the cute peter pan color shirts to wear underneath.   I will also be carrying matching pantaloons, bloomers and eventually capris and shorts.  I’m SUPER excited to get these going so go ahead and let me know if you are interested so that I can work up your little ones special birthday outfit.  These would be perfect for ANY age birthday, special occasion or photo session.

I’m still working on prices but for now they A line dresses (with embroidery) will be $40 and the Jon Jon’s (with embroidery) will be $45.  Bows will be an optional upgrade to the girls A line dresses.

aline dresses jon jons

p.s. I’m starting to work on Thanksgiving and Christmas designs so if you have any ideas let me know!signature jpg

Pettiskirts are HERE!

I ordered Pettiskirts on Monday and they are ALREADY here!  All the way from Hong Kong…amazing!  Here is what I have avail.    I’m working on getting them on my website but in the meantime just message me if you want one.pettiskirts


H, L, M & N are sizes 0-12 months.  The rest are size 2-3.  Here is the official description and sizing.

These pettiskirts are double layered and made of fabulous NYLON CHIFFON. They have a soft satin covered elastic waistband. and a gorgeous ribbon at the waist. The ADJUSTABLE WAISTBAND allows wearing for many waist sizes. The band has buttons that allow you to loosen or tighten the waist. Made of lightweight material, your little princess will simply feel comfortable in it! So perfect for so many occasions.

Sizes:  1-2    8" Long (age 1-2) Waist is 18" - 22"
Sizes:  2-3    9" Long (age 2-3) Waist is 18.5" - 22.5"

As you can see..the waist is adjustable meaning these will really fit a lot more ages then they say!  My 4 year old fits the 2-3 just fine, both in waist and length!  I can get larger sizes so if you want a bigger size just holler!

Standard pettiskirts are $42.00 and they are letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G, J, K, O

Premium Pettiskirts are $52.  They have an additional layer of chiffon to make it super FULL and fluffy.  The premium pettiskirts are letters H, I, L, M & N.


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Saturday, July 17, 2010

FINALLY! Another Stitcheroos contest!

Hi there! It’s about time for another Stitcheroos contest!  I haven’t had one in awhile, but I’m ready for another.  Here is how this one works.

If you have purchased an item from Stitcheroos and have a cutie pie picture of your little one IN or USING my item send me the picture!  ALL pictures will be put in my customer photo gallery on both my website and facebook fan page.   When you send in your picture PLEASE rename the picture with your first and last name…this way I can keep track of everybody's entries. 

If I use YOUR picture in an actual listing on any of my websites I will send you a gift code worth $20 to be used at Stitcheroos at any time for anything!  What a great deal, right? 

Getting customer pictures makes me SO happy.  It makes my work SO worth it…so make my day…send me some love!  The contest ends the last day of July so hurry and send in your entries now!

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New items!

     The bags are HERE!  Anybody interested just email me!  I expect the bookbags to go fast so don’t wait too long.

I also had to share a quick sneak peak at some new items that I will now be carrying.  They are called Pettiskirts and are SO cute for photos, beyond the fact that your little girls will ADORE them!  I have to different styles so prices range from $24-$40.  Colors will vary by what I can get in.  Right now I only have size 1…fits 6-18 months.  It really would fit bigger sized waists but will be shorter.  I’m putting in a large order tomorrow and should have a BUNCH in a couple of weeks. 

(These pictures are just borrowed from other websites to give you an idea of what fun they can be!)

pettipettiskirt3357148448_a3786dca3c_o cc0387    cc0366

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Work, work, work

Ok…so I HAVE been playing a LOT this summer…and boy and I having a hard time getting back into the swing of things.  I’ve caught back up after my long 10 day vacation but have no motivation to get moving on any of my many projects.  I need to get items put together for two craft boutiques that will now be carrying Stitcheroos items.  One in Orem Utah and one in Heber Utah.  I’m SUPER excited to get into some boutiques, but boy- not really up to the work right now. :)  Maybe the motivation angel will strike tonight and I’ll get it in gear.

I have had a TON of boys orders today and yesterday so hopefully I can get some new pictures.  Remember people!  Getting cute photos from customers MAKES my day. ;)  Here are some new designs that I’ve worked on lately as well as some more customer cuties.

adrianna mockup 1 ariana mockup 1 emily-mockup-1  torsten mockup

Isn’t she a cutie!  Ok…she’s mine.  This is her 4th bday shirt.  I decided not to use the number 4 so she can wear it longer.  get_convo_imag3e.php get_convo_image4.phpget_convo_imag9e.php  get_convo3_image.php get_convo4_image.php  get_convo_i2mag2e.php

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