Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Applique Designs

Here are some new fun applique designs that we now have available for our use. These are SUPER cute on burp clothes, baby blankets, bags, shirts and anything else you can think of! Because they are appliques you get to choose the material and thread color to REALLY customize this product to your likings.

Craft Fair Preperations

Boy this week has been BUSY! For that matter, so has the entire last month!

We are SO excited! We are doing a craft fair this Saturday and this will be the first time that we are going to a craft fair where we will be able to take along our new embroidery machine. We will be able to embroider names and other text onto our premade items as people wait. We are really excited about this and hopeful that having the machine with the capabilities to finish products right there will encourage people to buy our fun items!

In addition to that we have come up with SEVERAL new items and I have had a hard time keeping up with our orders, websites PLUS adding new items. But the orders continue to go out within days and I'm plugging away at getting more items added.

Here are a few of the new burp clothes that we are creating...VERY FUN baby shower gift!

These cute and fun appliques are all done on burp clothes but would be fun on just about anything! We will add the names/personalization at the craft fair...It should be fun!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Idea- What do you think?

Since I have had my new embroidery machine I have LOVED playing with it and trying new things..especially now that I have a program where I can digitize! Digitizing is creating a embroidery design from a picture. A few nights ago I was up in the middle of the night dealing with my 3 year old and afterwards I never could fall back asleep. I thought of this idea and I need your input on if you think it was a late night throw away idea...or a "keeper".

Here's my idea. Kira (my 5 year old) LOVES to draw. So I started thinking about digitizing her drawings and placing them on a t-shirt. I had her draw a picture just using a black sharpie (this way I don't have too many color variations) and then I put it into my computer software. Once it was in the computer we "colored" it. This is what we created.

The picture on the left is her drawing, the middle picture is an up close of the finished t-shirt and the last picture is the proud owner of her very own shirt! She LOVED it! She wore it for 2 days and then I had to physically "remove" it from her body so that it could be washed.

I'm thinking of selling these shirts for $15. You would just need to send me a scanned image of one of your childs drawings (done in black marker) and I would digitize it and place it on a t-shirt. I think I'm going to try this out at the craft fair in a few weeks...what does everybody think? Good idea or no? Do you think anybody besides me and my 5 year old will think that this is a great idea? I think it is a FUN way to save some art work, plus create some real ownership of an item for your child. Give me your feedback! Thanks!

Here are a few new CUTIES

Here are a few new cuties. I'm trying lots of new techniques and creating more appliques now that I have my own machine. I'm having tons of fun trying out new if you can think of something that you don't see on my sites contact me and I'll find it for you and then I'll have a ball creating it for you!

We are continuing to create LOTS of tutus, but we are also doing a lot of baptism towels and golf towels!

Busy as a BEE!

Life has remained VERY busy here! We have had an increase in orders and I really think this is in part due to finally getting our very own machine! YEAH! We have commercial machines available to us which we love and appreciate, but last month we were finally able to purchase our own commercial single head machine! I have been able to get out orders within a few days, and sometimes the very SAME DAY! I think our quicker turn around time has really helped.

In addition to our new machine we have been busy getting ready for the "Busy Bee" craft fair at a local University on April 26th. Here are a few new goodies we have started selling, especially for the craft fair.

What you see here are Pixie wings, butterfly wands, crowns and Halo streamers. These items are so fun and I hope to be listing them on my website soon...but if you want them before I get them online just let me know and we will make arrangements. :)

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