Saturday, October 6, 2007

Birthday Party Favors-customized, embroidered t-shirts $9

What a great party idea! Get each of your party goers a customized t-shirt! You can have it made up to fit in with the theme of your party and your party goers will be able to remember long after the party what fun they had.

These are 100% cotton t-shirts and come in youth and adult sizes. You name the color, we have it.

Pale and white shirts are $7 which includes an image and the party goers name,

Bright and Dark shirts are $8, also including an image and party goers name.

XL sizes are $1-2 more.
These are also absolutely fantastic as Christmas Pajama T-shirts! Get one for each of the kids...adults too.
We also have MANY other options for the image that we put on the shirt. Look at all of our great choices at the bottom of this page.

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