Thursday, June 4, 2009

May contest winner

Drumroll please! The may Stitcheroos $30 gift certificate winner is........Treasia! Claim your prize anytime within the next 30 days...simply email me what you would like to purchase! Thanks for everybody playing. I will post June's contest today- first I have to think what I want to do as I want something a bit different this month...suggestions are always appreciated!


  1. How about fathers day gift ideas. Or have people share there funniest camping story and the winner gets a cinch bag with a camping theme on it. Or cutest things said by child and the winner gets a towel or something like that. I dont know lol.

  2. Record the kids...and we have to guess what they are doing. (So I was doing dishes today, but my very spoiled baby sat between my legs and screamed at me because I would not pick him up.) If you only heard the screaming what would you think? Or listen to little (4-6 years old) boys and girls argue over weather a bra was underwear or not. If you didn't know what they were talking about to start with it was very amusing!


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