Wednesday, October 21, 2009

THE red wedding trane

FINALLY! I have pictures downloaded of the embroidery I did on the wedding trane. Sorry the pictures are so small! I'm not sure why I saved it that small and I don't have time to fix it do you best to see...sorry!
This was a red trane that snapped on the back of a cream color gown...kind of fun! I had to "match" the embroidery work off of another trane so there were a LOT of hours spent creating the design, laying it out to make sure it work, etc. I'm talking around 5 hours here! Then on to the embroidery. I was able to do it on my new machine- which is amazing and that only took another 6-7 hours...that's all...just 12 hours to do this amazing trane. it took a LONG time but it turned out beautiful! They did a lot of bead work on it after the embroidery was done so I'm hoping to get some pictures of it on the beautiful bride as I would love to see what the finished product looks like. And don't you just LOVE that big beautiful machine! That is my new baby and I just about cried yesterday when I thought I had broken it...but it survived and so did I. I'm getting lots of new orders done on it and it runs SO smooth!

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