Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What’s New you ask?

LOTS!  That’s what’s new.  I’ve been working like mad on new designs for custom orders and it has kept me busy.  That and the fact that I’m trying to do better with being done with work by the time my kiddos get home from school.  It really cut’s my work day short but is totally worth it! I’m feeling like a MOMMY again!  It’s great!  Having my husband work with me has been such a blessing.  He’s working with me full time now and he is a GOOD worker!  He gets so much done in a day that we are now running almost a full week ahead of schedule-with the exception of rush orders.  It’s also given me enough time to get my Etsy site totally caught up with new listings and my website is ALMOST caught up.  So now when you see the cute new designs here on the blog you “should” be able to find them either in my Etsy store or my website.

So here are my most recent fabulous batch of pictures sent in by customers.  Cute stuff huh?

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Keep in mind that I LOVE to see pictures of your little ones in Stitcheroo clothing.  PLEASE keep them coming!

Here are a few oldies but goodies done up in new color schemes…notice that there are MORE boy pictures this time?  I’m doing good huh?

And here (drum roll please) are my newest creations.

And last but definitely not least.  Here are some cute baby items I made for a ol’ High school friend and a friend/neighbor.  Keep in mind that I love custom orders for new baby “announcement” sets.  Also please remember that I’m not a crazy fan of Gerber onesies but they do have a great newborn size that I use for new baby sets.  My other heavier duty onesies don’t come in sizes that small.  And isn’t this little zebra onesie too cute!  Zebra seems to be a hot thing right now…and I’m loving it!

zebra baby set truman

So….tell me what you think!  I love hearing comments about my work, especially if you ever have any new suggestions for a set you want to see…even if it’s not for your own special kiddo!signature jpg

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  1. I just found your site and love what I see! Your designs are absolutely adorable.

    My daughter will be turning 1 at the end of the summer and I might want to feature your products at my birthday bash. Hope to talk with you soon.


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