Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Purses...anybody want one?

Ok everybody! I just put in another bag order and as always decided to get a few bags that are NON embroiderable...so if you want to stake your claim on this limited supply let me know soon and I'll mark it as YOURS and get it to you when it arrives. Prices for the leather purses are $25-$35...the polka dot purses are $18-$22 and the little girl purses are $15. This first one is my personal FAVORITE!I THINK that these polka dot bags will be able to have a monogram embroidered but I won't be for sure until they arrive.


  1. Adrienne,
    What cute stuff! Do you ever do custom orders? I have been wanting to make a cute shirt for Jared about being an organ recipient. Let me know what you think!


  2. what beautiful bags! the first one is also my favorite, and i'm also loving the third one! you know i love giraffes!


    ps- i do hope that this is appropriate, but congratulations to Rebecca and Jared- Rebecca, I am also an organ recipient, and it is the greatest gift! i am so thrilled for you and your family!
    from caitieebee, buyer of Adrienne's custom etsy items

  3. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE #1 and #3! So glad I found and registered to your site. You have great stuff!

  4. Do you have any purse still avaliable? LOVE #1. Let me know what you have avaliable and I will get one. Thanks!


    KaTrina Anderson


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