Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New designs and a new personal favorite!

Ok…after a VERY rough day I got some new designs done!  Today my sewing machine decided to get a bent needle and not work properly, one embroidery machine is acting up (WAY past needing serviced- but I’m still on the waiting list) and my computer and printer having to be restarted more then two times each!  I think my electronic “parts” were out to get me today!  BUT I did get new designs done…and I have a new personal favorite!  What do you think of this cutie?  I can’t wait to do it up on a shirt.  Keep in mind that this is a computer generated mockup so it is NOT showing that the one will be an appliqué- solid with fabric.

ballet one mockup 1

And here are the few others that I did…again, mostly just computer generated mockups, except for the bunny one…I ran that to see how it would go.

Well…I’m off to an early bed.  I’m hoping to kick this nasty sore throat and ear infection “stuff” that is hitting me.  I’m sure my husband and kids would much appreciate it if I wasn’t so grumpy.

signature jpg


  1. I love the slippers one. Haylie I am sure would love it also (hint hint?).

  2. Welll....she does have a birthday coming up. Would having a # on her shirt be to "young"?


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