Monday, May 24, 2010

Aren’t these cute!?!

     I had the chance to do up a few more new sets this past week and I even took the time to have a friend take some great pictures for me.  I think they turned out just super cute!  You should have seen her little cutie when we put the tutu on her.  She just kept swishing her bottom back and forth to make the tutu swish around her knees.  Such fun to watch, and she was SO patient!  Thanks so much Alicia…you did a fabulous job!

pic3edit1 pic4edit1  pic7edit1pic11edit1 pic13edit1 pic8edit1 

And here are a few more cuties …old design but new color combo.

pic16edit1 pic17edit1 pic22edit1

New Little Chick design.pic23edit1

     Thanks Stephanie for letting me borrow cute little Paisley!  I’ve had this farm yard birthday design for awhile, but now I finally have cute pictures of it…same with the Elephant on Parade.

pic25edit1 pic27edit1 pic28edit1

pic36edit1 pic38edit1 pic40edit1

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