Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sum, Sum, Summer time!

AHH! I DO love summer…but boy do things get crazy!  So far I have spent 4 days away from home TWICE…once for a great girls weekend away and once to volunteer at a Girls Camp.  Both were a blast but it took a TON of work to be able to do both.  Now I’m just working my way through my work pile so that I can leave for yet another 10 days for a family vacation.  When I get back from this vacation things SHOULD slow down.  Ha ha…slow down with kids home?  Not so sure about that.

Even with all of my fun playing I have gotten new designs done…here are a few sneak peaks.

aiden mockup c colin-mockup-1 dre mockup 2 emma mockup 2 grandpa mockup 2 jake mockup 1 liam mockup 1 malia mockup 1

As you can see…lots more boy designs!  It’s been a lot of fun coming up with boy designs.  I’m working on a fun turtle theme right now….I’m really excited about it!

And as always…here are a few more cuties that customers have shared with me.  They are all just so sweet!  Thank you SO much to everybody that sends in their pictures.  It just makes my entire day when I receive them in my email.

022 DSC_0668 get_convo_image.php ifb_fullxfull.6059395 15720_638108279004_27311410_36215546_1197724_n New April 059DSCN4865-1 DSCN4867-1 get_convo_imag2e.php sadieifb_fullxfull.5991832 Kenleybottom  s42177ca110768_5_2 

I hope everybody has a great 4th of July!  I’ll “see” you all when I get back from vacation!

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