Wednesday, January 16, 2008

NEW product! SQUEAKY SHOES $12.95

We have just gotten in stock our first order of Squeaky shoes. These are SO much fun! They squeak when your toddler walks plus they come in a lot of really cute styles, making them both fun and functional. They also have several added bonuses. They help stimulate and motivate the prewalker and beginning walker. As soon as your little one figures out that they are the ones making that fun noise they will be up and walking all over the place! These shoes offer the safety feature of being able to hear your child at all times. The squeak is not very loud, but you can definately hear your child coming...or going, as the case is most often. These shoes also encourage the child to walk correctly since they will only squeak when walking heel to toe. And don't worry! If the squeaking sound becomes too much for you simply place a small piece of tape over the squeaker to temporarily disable it.

I bought a pair of these for my baby and gave then to her at Christmas. She was 17 months old when she got them and she just LOVES them! She even gets mad when we take them off. Seeing how much she loves them made me think that your little tykes would probably love them just as much. So I decided to take a leap and buy a supply of squeaky shoes to put in our booth at the Provo Quilted Bear.

If you are interested in getting a pair for some lucky little person you can check my booth at Quilted Bear or you can email me. Just let me know what style and size...they run a little small so if you are questioning the size make sure to order one size up. I will be making another order in the near future so if I don't have your size in stock now I'll let you know and we can go from there.

To keep the pricing simple each pair of shoes will be $12.95, plus $3 shipping...this is $2 less then my regular shipping!

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