Monday, September 28, 2009

My new studio

Ok...So last week I spent a HUGE portion of my time moving my kids playroom (what was once upon a time the Preschool room) and my studio. It was a HUGE process, but with the help of GREAT friends that insisted that I do it I now have it complete AND I have room to work in and organize all of my inventory! It feels absolutely fantastic to have it all done and it's so fun for me to work in the room and feel organized and productive. :) Silly...I know- but it still feels great! Oh! AND I have windows! Meaning I don't feel like I work and live in a dungeon anymore...that's always a good thing, right?

Here is what my new studio looks like. If any of you live close by you of course are always welcome to come for your own personal tour- as I know you are all dying to see it firsthand. But for those of you who live out of state, pictures will have to suffice.

This view shows my wall of shirt/bloomer and other "stuff" inventory. I have a TON of items just WAITING for you to pick it so it can be personalized and sent to your home.
This view is taken from my inventory shows my computer station..aka...where I LIVE and create designs and answer emails, etc. As well as my tutu cutting table and my inventory of tulle. Look at all those fun colors! Think of the endless possibilities!
And my other EXCITING news? See that blank spot right by my computer desk? That is going to be the new home for my NEW (ok used) machine! Yeah! With some miracle type events happening it looks like I will be getting a second machine-something I've been needing for SOME time to get orders out a little bit quicker. I'm SO excited! It will be a commercial grade machine (my other machine is a home professional machine) which means it will NOT need to be taken in 2 times a year to be serviced...whew! That will be nice. I will have a lot of learning to do as it's set up a lot differently then my other machine, so i'm sure it will take time to learn it, but I am super excited!

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