Sunday, March 8, 2009

Stitcheroos Embroidery Studio

I know, I have all been dying to see where your items are brought to life. it is. :)

I am SO excited! I got shelving up yesterday which allowed me to get rid of LOADS of cardboard boxes. I still have the plastic bins and probably always will, but WOW! I can see the floor and actually see what inventory I more digging through endless "organized" bins to find the right size onesie. That makes my day...and all due to a loving husband that spent most of his Sat. working on this great little project for me.

First View- This is shot from the doorway to my studio...Oh- I just love calling it my "studio", and now feel that I can since it looks so professional! On the left hand side you can see my tutu station with some of the MANY tulle color choices that I have. The rest of the photo shows part of my shelves with my million and one options in sizes and colors of onesies, fabric and other accessories. You can also see my work table where I hoop my embroidery and organize my incoming and outgoing work. And I KNOW you are thinking that it still looks messy, but's organized, there's just a lot of stuff there!
2nd View- This view is from the corner in the room that you can't see in the above picture. This shows you my new curtain that I hung for two to cover up the closet that doesn't have a door...the closet where my kiddos keep all of their falling apart games. The MAIN reason I wanted the curtain was to better take photos of my work. Hopefully you will start seeing pictures that are FABULOUS!...especially with Christys help from CheapShots photography.

3rd View- This shot was taken from over by my photo drapes. It shows yet another set of shelves that are just jam packed with bags, towels, baby blankets and teddy bears. You can also see my rack of embroidery thread as well as the cart that NORMALLY holds my embroidery machine. It is currently missing in action. My sweatheart of a Dad tried picking up my machine from the shop yesterday and he ended up bringing home the wrong machine. I knew right away it wasn't mine (it was a few years older) and I just about cried! BUT...the good guy that he is will pick up the machine when he goes to SLC for work tomorrow and bring it back around lunch time. Then I'll be one BUSY lady catching up since it's been in the shop for a few days now. So I'll include a machine pic. at another time.

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  1. Love it!! :) I have always wondered what it looks like! A lot more organized than I will ever be :o

    It makes me want to buy a ton more stuff...soon hubby is going to be telling me to stop looking at your blog! LOL


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