Saturday, July 17, 2010

FINALLY! Another Stitcheroos contest!

Hi there! It’s about time for another Stitcheroos contest!  I haven’t had one in awhile, but I’m ready for another.  Here is how this one works.

If you have purchased an item from Stitcheroos and have a cutie pie picture of your little one IN or USING my item send me the picture!  ALL pictures will be put in my customer photo gallery on both my website and facebook fan page.   When you send in your picture PLEASE rename the picture with your first and last name…this way I can keep track of everybody's entries. 

If I use YOUR picture in an actual listing on any of my websites I will send you a gift code worth $20 to be used at Stitcheroos at any time for anything!  What a great deal, right? 

Getting customer pictures makes me SO happy.  It makes my work SO worth it…so make my day…send me some love!  The contest ends the last day of July so hurry and send in your entries now!

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