Thursday, September 23, 2010

Amazing party Ideas

I’ve been wanting to share this blog with you for awhile now.  This lady gathers and puts together the funnest birthday ideas ever!  The TomKat Studio  is an amazing place to visit.  It’s beautifully put together and honestly, I could look at the pictures of the birthday parties all day!   Ok..Ok…I probably won’t put together a full party for any of my kiddos just like these…I just don’t have the time, talent or money- but boy are they fun to look at, and they have some great ideas!  I mean- look at this fun pizza party invite!  IMG_4563 I’ve never made a pizza party shirt, but wouldn’t that be fun?  If you are in the process of coming up with a birthday party theme this would be a great place to start to get some fabulous ideas.   And Stitcheroos would of course be more then happy to create a custom shirt to match any one of these fun themes!

Guess how I found TomKat?  Well…because I’ve got at least one birthday shirt featured in one of her birthday parties!  I would include a link to the party that has a Stitcheroo outfit, but my computer is running so slow, and pages are loading so slow that it’s just not going to happen.  So…let’s have a fun contest!  The first person to leave a comment with a link to a page on the TomKat  Studio that shows a Stitcheroo shirt will WIN a custom bloomer or boxer!  Even if your own little ones are too big for these fun bloomers and boxers they make great gifts!  There might even be a second place prize if somebody can find more then one Stitcheroo item over at the TomKat studio….so get ready, get set, GO!  Let’s see who can find it first. :)

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  1. I could be wrong but I think this is one of your shirts

  2. Nope...good try, but not the right one...keep trying!

  3. Adrienne - I got the idea of doing a "Little Snowflake" birthday party from TomKat studios. Such a great website for inspiration!


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