Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wow…another crazy month really…when am I going to get use to just being busy all of the time?  When am I going to figure out how to manage my time better?  When am I going to magically get more hours in my day!?  Ok…so I’m a little overwhelmed AGAIN, but I am doing something about it this time.  I have another employee coming to work with me this next week…and she’s a pro on embroidery so there will be little training, and best yet- it’s my mom!  YEAH…YIPPEE!!! 

So, you are asking- what does this mean for me?  Well…it means that I’ll finally have time to get all of my new products online.  It also means that I will FINALLY be able to figure out my Photo contest winners!  I’m SO sorry to all of you who have been WAITING forever to find out the winners.  It’s totally not because there wasn’t great submissions..matter of fact I’m having SUCH a hard time picking.  You all have such CUTE kids!  There were several design sets that had a number of submissions and this is where I’m having a hard time….so please be patient with me and I’ll post them within the next day or two…I PROMISE.

    Stay tuned…I’ll have lots of exciting announcements in the next few days…and this time I promise I’ll be back!  Here’s a sneak peek to fun stuff to come!JGublersPhotography-IMG_3405-Edit

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